Laida Lertxundi

We Had the Experience but Missed the Meaning
2014, 8min, 16mm, color, sound

Between Los Angeles and San Diego, California, a moment in a story by Bioy Casares finds a man who prefers driving to making love to Veronica. Crossing desert and sea, screen and page, we pass over that which cannot be said, only shown. (LL)


     Michelle reads from Bioy Casares’ story All Men Are
     the Same
The title of the film is from T.S. Elliot’s
     The Dry Salvages.
     Sound mix by Ezra Buchla Typography by Lucas Quigley
     Thanks to everyone at the Film/Video Studio Program,
     Wexner Center for the Arts; Raya Martin and Gym
     Filmed between San Diego and Los Angeles, California
     with the assistance of Christina C. Nguyen.
     Book images filmed in Arizona and New Mexico.
     Made with Akash Kataria, Rebecca Limerick,
     Duy Nguyen, Michelle Ruiz, and Fern Silva.

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